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Deflategate has inspired many creative newspaper headlines. It’s great when newspapers have a little fun with sports puns, isn’t it? Let’s check out some gems from the past few years – nothing too vulgar, just succinct and deliciously clever headlines.

Cursed Yankee

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#MLB #AROD RT @sbnation “DAMNED YANKEE!” The front page of today’s @nypost –

Alex Rodriguez was suspended for 211 games for using PED in 2013, and the newspapers had a field day. Always a favorite, the New York Post chose a title that played on the popular musical, To hell with the Yankees. A-Rod’s penalty was later reduced to 162 games, still the longest drug-related suspension in MLB history.


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Germany’s 7-1 dismantling of Brazil in the 2014 World Cup was complete and shocking. Subway had one of the best post-game headlines, using a play on a German phrase.

“Das boot” actually means “the boat” in German and is also the title of a German war movie. But of course, this title also sounds like a German way of saying that Brazil was (unceremoniously) expelled from the tournament.

The United States wins!

Remember when USA lost to Germany in the 2014 World Cup but still advanced? The New York Post took this opportunity to resurrect one of their old jokes. The 2014 headline was “USA wins! On to next round after Germans beat them.”

It was a throwback to the days of the 2010 World Cup, when the newspaper ran the headline: ‘USA win 1-1’. The team had tied England in their first tournament match, but for the Americans it was one of those ‘we didn’t win, but we kind of got it’ kind of games of moral victory type.

For the uninformed, the title might have looked like a typo. For those who read further, the caption read: ‘Biggest draw against Brits since Bunker Hill’.

This sport is stupid anyway

While the 2010 World Cup had started well for the United States, the Americans were finally eliminated by Ghana in the round of 16. New York Post was again, imprinting the title on the scorned football fans, lashing out at the team for letting them down yet again.

What if?

The game that sealed Super Bowl XLIX for the New England Patriots was the source of much controversy in the weeks that followed. A Seattle Seahawks pass play resulted in an interception, and many wondered why the Seahawks didn’t choose to pass the ball to star running back Marshawn Lynch at second base.

The Seahawks lost the game, and the Seattle Times sums up what was probably the overriding sentiment among Northwestern fans.

My balls are perfect

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Easy with all Daily News references #DeflateGate #MyBallsArePerfect #HotAir

Deflategate inspired lots of jokes since the AFC Championship game last season. One of the best, however, was the “My Balls Are Perfect” gem from the Daily News. It summed up Tom Brady’s alleged lies, his near-perfect public image and the ongoing scandal, all in four succinct words.

The University of Dayton

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Epic troll from #OSU RT @BenVolin Love it RT @Sean__Reed: Dayton newspaper needles “The” Ohio State today.

You know how people who have been to Ohio State always talk about how the rest of the world refers to their alma mater? “It’s LA Ohio State University!” Right. In any event.

In 2014, the Dayton Flyers beat the Buckeyes in a nail-biting 60-59 to advance to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Sweet 16. The Dayton Daily News reacted accordingly.

Shred Beep

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@chicagotribune and @Suntimes used the title “Lambeau Bleep” today. @StarTribune used in 2007. Here are the 3:

It’s pretty bad when your own journal is trolling you. The Chicago Bears felt that burn in November 2014 after suffer a loss to their rival Green Bay Packers. The Packers took a 42-0 first-half lead at Lambeau Field, and the final scoreline came in an embarrassing 55-14. The Chicago Grandstand and Chicago Sun-Times made headlines the following day, playing on the name of a great Packer tradition.

Faded away.

Chris Vanini @ChrisVannini

The Plain Dealer should have gone with the same front page as when LeBron left, but instead point to two rings.

When LeBron James made his big decision in 2010the Ordinary Merchant in Cleveland went with a succinct one-word headline and a photo of James walking away. There was also a fitting hit to the king subtly included: “7 years in Cleveland. No rings.”

That ‘Sheed Creigh

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New lock screen @sheed_ctmd1 @dukeblueplanet #guaranSHEED #ThatSheedCreigh

Duke faced Creighton in the Round of 16 at the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Duke guard Rasheed Sulaimon led the way with 21 points, and the Blue Devils prevailed66-50, to move to the Sweet 16.

Duke’s student newspaper had a headline the next day.

Sonics advance to the final, oh wait

Charles Ko ⚡️ @Charleskoh

The Sonics make it to the finals, oh wait. -Front of the sports section at Tri-City Herald Kennewick, WA.

The Seattle SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma City in 2008 and almost immediately started doing playoff appearances. Many Seattle fans were unhappy with the loss of their team and, perhaps, success under a different name.

Perhaps that’s why, when the Oklahoma City Thunder advanced to the NBA Finals in 2012, the Tri-City Herald in Kennewick, Washington, printed such a sarcastic headline.

Tribute to Stuart Scott

Tom White @tomwhite82

A sports facade from @PilotSportsNow that pays homage to Stuart Scott. Check it out.

Legendary sports broadcaster Stuart Scott died in January of cancer. The Virginien-Pilot tribute paid in a stunning and creative way, using Scott’s iconic slogans in all the sports headlines.