These 10 Newspaper Headlines Prove The M*A*S*H Finale Was Really A Big Deal

Every time you watch the MASH POTATOES finale, just know that you’re watching what was one of the most impactful episodes in television history when it first debuted in February 1983.

Discs, stories and link MASH POTATOES and its broken, created, and cherished cast is evident even all these years later. Let’s be proof that the series finale is still a big deal!

Back then, however, it was even more important than it is now, and the headlines from the day the finale first aired prove it.

Here are several headlines from the day of the MASH POTATOES final. It’s safe to say that the day was very important for fans, businesses and certainly the television industry.

1. “The MASH finale will be smashing”

Publication: Official newspaper (Matton, Ill.)

With all the success MASH POTATOES had for 11 seasons, it was no surprise to know that the finale, even before it hit the airwaves, would be a big hit. Across the country, parties were held, ratings were shattered, and tributes were paid to the series. From big cities to small towns, the smashing success of MASH POTATOES the end was felt.

2. “M*A*S*H Legacy to End”

Publication: United Press International

There’s no denying MASH POTATOES is a legacy show, and the ad revenue the finale generated alone is proof of that. The article belonging to this headline states that CBS will charge sponsors $300,000 per 30-second spot, but that number has also been reported as up to $450,000!

3. “The series have survived the attacks that occur in lesser shows”

Publication: The Hartford Current

The power of MASH POTATOES went beyond a strong fan base. The show had a unique way of mixing comedy and reality that comes with any war; death. The article states, “At first, CBS resisted the underlying gravity of MASH POTATOES and tried to steer the series towards lighter hardware. “Eventually,” the article says, “the network backed off, resulting in the show that everyone came to love. The show also had a way of keeping fans engaged after the main characters left.” [Alan] Alda as a cornerstone, and [Loretta] Swit occupies the position of the only prominent female in the series, MASH POTATOES has survived cast departures that would have killed off a lesser show.”

4. “MASH is finally out”

Publication: The Washington Post

It was certainly a formal, military farewell. This Washington Post the February 28, 1983 article states “Newsweek magazine in other words the death of MASH POTATOES marks the end of network television. “When the show aired to hundreds of millions of fans, it was creditable. The article says that while some elements of other shows were executed better than MASH POTATOES, nothing can compete with the time of the fathers and the bond created by the show. “MASH POTATOES is not as well written as All in the family was, nor nearly as complex and thoughtful as Hill Street Blues. But it’s been around long enough…to become a member of the national family.” The ratings certainly proved that too!

5. “MASH Fans Say Goodbye”

Publication: The Associated Press

And they did it in different ways. From Hawkeye, Klinger, and Hot Lips look-alike contests to life-size statues and endless parties, fans have given the show a “Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen” of their own millions of times!

6. “MASH could set a ratings record tonight”

Publication: The Associated Press

Spoiler alert: it does.

seven. “Fans are planning a big salute as M*A*S*H heads home”

Publication: The Associated Press

No matter what title you use, the message was clear: MASH POTATOES had a firm grip on the country and no matter where you picked up a newspaper, some form of the final episode was going to take up a page, and don’t be surprised if it was the front page!

8. “USA Toast M*A*S*H Finals”

Publication: The Associated Press

Do you see what we mean?

9. “A flurry of bashes will take advantage of the M*A*S*H finale”

Publication: Combined news services

The same story of The Associated Press Where Combined news services ran in several newspapers across the country, but the many different headlines captured the myriad different ways an episode of MASH POTATOES touched people nationwide. In this case, “MASH POTATOES bashes” were the ticket to a lot of money, in different ways. We’ve already mentioned ad revenue earlier, but think of all the money that went to restaurants hosting watch parties! Plus, “MASH POTATOES bashes” is a pretty cool way to announce a reunion!

ten. “M*A*S*H final draws media blitz, megabucks”

Publication: The Arizona Republic

Yes the MASH POTATOES The finale drew big money, and deservedly so, but it also drew a ton of media coverage, aside from airing the episode itself. The first line in The Arizona Republic the article regarding the final states “The frenzy is in the media attention MASH POTATOESThe swan song draws. “When a network knows it will be successful, there is no limit to promotion.”PM [Magazine]the national office of gave the stations carrying the show a full half-hour of MASH POTATOES interviews, MASH POTATOES anecdotes, images from the Korean War and a story about the merchandising of MASH POTATOES for use today.” The article also points out the obvious, stating, “You can’t deny that this has been a major force on TV.”