Newspaper headlines gave Obi a very good answer: “2023: Peter Obi leads”

In this hated poll of the current electoral calendar in Nigeria, the headlines of major newspapers panicked and confused many stakeholders. Like magic, Vanguard, a highly respected national brand, has put it in the minds of citizens that yes, indeed, Peter Obi “leads”. Since in politics, when you argue or complain, you lose, it was then left to the APC and the PDP to fight over this statement.

Labor remained in the fray as others fought over the statistics. Headlines were politically more deadly than polls because they changed citizens’ perceptions.

I have skimmed the headlines and can conclude: if Peter Obi does win the presidency, Nigerian newspapers are the catalysts. They cemented what many saw as bubbling into a strong and stable political movement [Mr Udeagu Jr who taught me Chemistry in secondary school, thank you].

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Ndubuisi: “Mother, why do they say my eyes are big”

Mother: “They are jealous because you need big eyes to see math better”

After she gave me this answer, and I used it to respond to two bullies at school, they never did that joke again, because they wished they had bigger eyes since I ” saw mathematics better.

Newspaper headlines gave Obi a very good answer: “2023: Peter Obi leads…” Yes, he “leads” even though it is only a “presidential poll”. Please plan to vote because election polls, unlike others, have results because elections are happening!

The most hated poll right now in Nigeria and the road to Aso Rock in 2023

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Comment 1:Perception is everything……the PDP and rear APC haven’t seen Obi’s third LP force from their previous permutations, they are currently catching up and need to get back to the drawing board and redefining the strategy if it is still possible

Calls were perfect

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