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In the third quarter-final of Celebrity Jeopardy 2022! Championship, celebrity candidates are: actress Constance Wu, performing for the Asian Mental Health Collective Lotus Therapy Fund; actor and comedian Ike Barinholtz, playing for Pacific Clinics; and sports analyst Jalen Roseplaying for Operation Graduation.

The Final Jeopardy index in the “Newspaper headlines” category was:

A New York Times headline about this disaster included “866 Rescued” and “Noted Names Missing”

Mayim Bialik hosted tonight’s one-hour show, Quarterfinal No. 3. There are nine quarter-final matches. A semi-final match will take place after every third quarter-final match. Simu Liu and Iliza Shlesinger won the first two quarter-finals. Click on the last tab (Calendar) to see all the remaining Celebrity Jeopardy dates! matches.

Danger! Categories: The Terminal List – Science Fiction – Go Blue! – A League of Their Own – Americana – The After Party

Jalen has found the Jeopardy! Daily Double round in “Go Blue!” below the $500 index after the break. He was in second place with $900, half of Ike’s lead. He bet $200 but drew a blank, which was miscounted.

In 1924, this American composer wrote “Rhapsody in Blue” in about 5 weeks to beat a deadline To display


Ike finished top with $3,700. Jalen was second with $500 and Constance was last with less than $800. All clues have been shown.

Double jeopardy! Categories: Ancient Rome – 21 or under – What are you afraid of? – Celebrity memoirs – Stars – They are like “us”

Ike found the first Daily Double in “Ancient Rome” under $800 on the 9th pick. He was in the lead with $7,500 now, $7,000 more than Jalen in second place. He bet $2,500 and he was RIGHT.

Also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, this large arena could seat 50,000 spectators To display


Ike got the last Daily Double in “What Are You Afraid Of?” below the $800 index, with 6 indices remaining after. Leading with $15,600, he was $15,100 more than Jalen in second place. He bet $4,400 and he was RIGHT.

This phobia is the medical term for the fear of confined spaces such as elevators To display


Ike finished top with $21,600. Jalen was next with $500 and Constance was in third place with $200. All clues have been shown.

Triple jeopardy! Categories: 1992 in books: 30 Years Ago – Words of Love – in the Park – Food & Drink – Technology – A Long Run on TV with Ken Jennings

Constance found the first Daily Double in “1992 in Books: 30 Years Ago” under $900 as the 9th pick in the round. She was in second place with $3,200, $19,600 less than Ike’s lead. She bet everything and she was RIGHT.

“The Pelican Brief”, a 1992 thriller by this author, became a film starring Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts To display


Ike got the second Daily Double in “In the Park” under the $900 clue, with 7 clues remaining after that. In first place with $30,600, he was $19,700 more than second-place Constance. Despite all the heckling to bet it all, he bet $2,400 and he was RIGHT.

The Japanese Tea Garden is a beautiful feature of this San Francisco park that shares its name with a nearby bridge To display


Constance got the last Daily Double in “Technology” under $900, with 2 clues left after that. In second place with $11,500, she was $24,500 less than Ike’s lead. Constance bravely bet the full $24,500 and, despite a few scary seconds, she was RIGHT! Wow! Just like that, Ike didn’t run away anymore.

The embodiment of a Hindu deity, or the embodiment of you for virtual interaction To display


Ike finished top with $37,200. Constance was next with $23,000 and Jalen was in third place with a negative $1,300 but he received $1,000 to qualify for Final Jeopardy! All clues have been shown.

Only ONE of the celebrities got Final Jeopardy! right.


The full headline of The New York Times for April 15, 1912 was: “Titanic Sinks Four Hours After Hit Iceberg; 866 Saved by Carpathia, probably 1250 perish; Ismay Safe, Mrs. Astor Possibly, names noted missing”. (See the article here.) The man referred to as “Ismay” in the headline was J. Bruce Ismay, the highest-ranking White Star official to survive the disaster. The Titanic was White Star’s new flagship, billed as “unsinkable”. Madeleine Talmage Astor, who survived, was the second wife of John Jacob Astor IV, who did not survive. More information on the survivors on

Jalen thought it was Hurricane Katrina. He bet and lost the entire $1000.

Constance only pulled out the first three letters and joked that that’s what some people call this ship. She bet and lost all of her $23,000.

Ike got it right. He bet $8,801 and finished with $46,001. Ike won the match and advanced to the semi-final along with Simi Liu and Iliza Shlesinger. Constance and Jalen each won $30,000 for their charities.

Celebrity Danger (2022-10-09) Constance Wu, Ike Barinholtz, Jalen Rose

A triple stumper from each round:

Round 1: SCIENCE FICTION ($300) “From Earth to” this celestial body by Jules Verne doesn’t actually describe the journey; it’s in the sequel

Round 2: STARS ($600) This dog star – we’ll save you from finding Alpha Canis Majoris – is about 25 times brighter than our sun

Round 3: TECHNOLOGY ($1,500) The Ecobee3 Lite is a smart solution for your home that definitely won’t let a teenage Moldovan pirate cook you alive.

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