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Newspaper articles from 1973 show similarities between the Roe and Dobbs decisions

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) — Newspaper reports from 1973 show that it took Iowa lawmakers a day to introduce an abortion bill after the Roe v. Wade.

TV9 used old newspaper articles from the Cedar Rapids Library to see the reaction when the original Roe v. Wade was published in 1973. We have seen increased attention to the subject by lawmakers and the public, although the issue has not remained current. the front page for more than a day.

Google data shows that search results for “Roe v. Wade” and “Abortion” rose dramatically after Friday’s Supreme Court ruling.

The Roe ruling came out in January during the Iowa legislative session, allowing lawmakers to propose bills the day after the 7-2 ruling. This time it would take a special session, which would require action by Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) or the support of two-thirds of the state House and state senate.

Republican lawmakers are trying to pass a state constitutional amendment, which would say the right to abortion does not exist. The amendment would change the Iowa constitution to ensure that no judge can recognize the right to abortion.

Sally Frank, who is a law professor at Drake University, said the amendment would change the Iowa constitution to ensure no judge could recognize the right to abortion.

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