Library has a new viewing machine for old newspaper articles | Way of life

The McGrady-Brockman House, 614 N. Seventh St., has just acquired new equipment to view our extensive collection of microfilm.

Our microfilm collection of published newspapers from Vincennes and the region dates back to 1807. We have over 1,100 reels of published newspapers in our collection. Additionally, we have historic land deeds, birth, marriage and death records. All of these recordings are stored on 35mm microfilm reels. This new equipment is called Viewscan-4 STimaging’s 6th generation of Digital Microfilm Viewer-Scanner Systems – the latest digitally enhanced computerized projector systems available for microfilm viewing.

This Viewscan-4 has software that can improve the printing of newspaper articles and images. With the help of this computerized software, this instrument can capture a clearer and more detailed image. An image captured from microfilm, such as a wedding or birth announcement, can be saved in a printed paper version, or it can be saved as a digital image such as a jpeg file, PDF or tiff and sent over the Internet.

Moreover, this Viewscan-4 has two options that the user can choose from when capturing an image. This instrument has an 18 megapixel camera to capture an image, or one can use the digital option to capture an image. The user can also integrate the two options to detail a captured image for a clearer enhanced image. A final option available with the Veiwscan-4 is color image reproduction. Previous views did not have the color imaging option. Another great option of this Viewscan-4 is auto focus using the camera option or the digital option. The Viewscan-4 can now capture multiple images from one or more microfilm sources and save those images to one or more printed hard copies or to an electronic image file. The Viewscan-4 can also capture an entire roll of microfilm in just minutes.

Hats off to Emily Bunyan and the Knox County Public Library Board for approving the purchase of this STimaging Viewscan-4. Congratulations to Amy Blake, Knox County Public Library and Brett Passineau of BP Imaging Solutions. They presented a profitable buy package and the two were instrumental in setting up a top notch lineup for Blake, Cynthia Frederick, Ann Hecht, James Mason, Bunyan, along with me. The Knox County Public Library is very fortunate to have such sophisticated and technically advanced equipment.